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This is the best time of year to kill weeds.
October 14, 2012

Welcome to the Flying Butterfly!

This is the time of year we run around trying to get things done before cold weather sets in. Preparing the garden for both winter and spring is important. Do this by killing as many weeds as you can now.

Many of us saw extremely hot temperatures this summer which is
incentive for weeds. Weeds can thrive in hotter temperatures and grow faster. Some vines are aggressive enough to cover bushes and trees, ultimately weakening them or killing them if left unattended over time.

Other weeds thrive in the winter. While everything is dead on the soil surface, beneath is a rooting system expanding. Many don't have to
be weeds either. For example, I have outlined my garden with Blue Star Creeper and Creeping Thyme. Although beautiful, I have to keep up
with their underground rooting system not 'spilling over' into my
butterfly garden.

Jumping on weeds now makes tidying up the garden easier in spring.

  • Pull Weeds

      Take advantage of the rain that falls this time of year and
      pull weeds big and small. The ground is softer giving your
      back a break.

      Even if you have a frost or two the ground is not frozen.
      It just means the plants above the ground will begin to die. Use a gardening tool to dig if weed breaks off.

  • Weed Control Products work better if fall

      The sun promotes life of a plant through photosynthesis. Those necessary elements like water, glucose and oxygen
      are transferred down to the roots to build up food storage
      over winter.

      Spraying weed killer on plant also gets carried down into
      the root system. Two or three treatments is usually
      required before weed dies.

Make sure you read labels!

I'm a big fan of boiling water. It's cheap and means business!

I pour boiling water on weeds in the fall and again in spring. Be careful and make sure pets and kids aren't in the way. Once weeds are dead in spring, going back and mixing darker, nutrient rich soil in the garden is important. Especially those areas that water was poured.

Refer to the Homemade Weed Killer page to see other ideas that may help.

Happy Butterfly Gardening!

Elizabeth @ Easy Butterfly Garden

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