Want a Great Butterfly Garden?
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Easy Butterfly Garden is designed for the beginner gardener
but others can benefit as well.  Learn all about butterflies and the environment they live in, which includes the food web.

Understand the vegetation needed for butterfly life - the plants, blooming flowers, flowering shrubs like butterfly bushes (buddleia davidii) and even garden weeds!

Along with flowers that attract butterflies, learn how plants grow helping to avoid common gardening problems. This is one of those butterfly websites that offers plenty of DIY tips for gardening to save money like making your own natural weed killers, which I prefer along with old fashioned weed pulling - all for the butterflies. 

Photo: Easy Butterfly Garden

While personalizing your wildlife and butterfly garden, remember:

  • Enjoy your accomplishments along the way! Before you know it you'll have about twenty butterflies fluttering around as if to be playing - but actually that's some butterfly mating going on. While you're pivoting around keeping up with them, others will be sipping butterfly nectar, basking or puddling.

  • Relax and breath deep when a slight breeze carries the perfume of your pretty flowers and plants. Can you smell the lavender?

  • In time curiosity develops.  Your garden starts attracting hummingbirds of all sizes.  Looking around, the idea of bringing other positive forms of wildlife become a learning adventure.

Soon you begin taking pictures of butterflies for yourself.
After viewing them you'll want to learn all about butterflies and that's when you know you've landed here at the right site.

Look at what's inside our
Butterfly Garden!

Butterfly Information

For centuries the information learned was based on observation.  Today science, combined with new observations, has helped us to understand a great deal more.

Butterfly Symbolism
Butterfly Anatomy


Butterfly Wings


Butterfly Mating
Butterfly Egg Stage
Butterfly Larva Stage

Four Stages holometabolous

Butterfly Pupa Stage
The Emerging Butterfly
Swallowtail Butterflies

Families of

Brushfooted Butterflies
Gossamer-Winged Butterflies
Little White Butterflies


Starting a Garden

Starting a garden to attract butterflies includes understanding the need for windbreaks, depending on the area available.  Also discussed - the basics of butterfly needs.

Planting Zones
Planting Zones


How do Plants Grow


How to Attract Butterflies


Understaning Exotics
Butterfly House

Homemade Deer Repellent
Raising Butterflies
How to Water Plants
Pollination Process
What are Annual Plants


Growing Plants from Seed


Deer Prevention


How to Kill Weeds

When I first started gardening the obvious weed killers were over the counter products. These can be daunting and I break them down for safety and understanding if you are starting to garden.  

I was also curious about weeds, especially the pretty one's. This is why I talk about them at great length.  

Personally I recommend for your butterfly garden going as natural as possible and pulling weeds as often as possible.  Chemicals are changing our world and pollinator numbers are declining as a result of them.  Soils are losing important microbes while weeds are becoming more resistant. Also remember that our food comes from the soil and as the saying goes 'you are what you eat'.  I'd avoid them.

Soil Amendment
Mulch Types
Organic Weed Killer
Manual Methods
Natural Weed Control


Best Weed Killer?
Post Emergent Weed Control
How to Test Your Soil

Weed Identification

Weed identification helps us to see the common weeds we hate as well those flowering weeds that create a scenic background in our butterfly garden

Yellow Loosestrife
Fox Tail
Canadian Thistle
Garlic Mustard


Common Mallow
Poison Hemlock


Identify Weeds


Japanese Knot Weed
Purple Loosestrife
Gooseneck Loosestrife


Butterfly Host Plants

The key to your garden are butterfly host plants.  Without them butterflies will visit your blooming flowers for nectar only.  Host plants create a welcoming habitat for them to stay.

Swallowtails of Europe

Swallowtails of India
Pieridae Butterflies
Hairstreaks of North America

Flowers to Attract

This page discusses plants that attract butterflies, which many of them also are flowers for hummingbirds.







to Come

The history behind the shrub.

The Butterfly Bush

We love them!  They attract butterflies and other pollinators so easily.  Regardless if actual species, a hybrid or cultivar, there are some need to knows.

Orange Eye Butterfly Bushes

Orange Eye

Hybrids & Cultivars along with mid-size and dwarf growing varieties.
By far the most common species in America.
Expanded detail of what we see most of in North America

Buddleia globosa

Pruning Butterfly Bush




Different types of Blue Butterfly Bush

Natural Gardening

Photo: Konstanttin

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