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Break down garden into three blockings
May 14, 2012

Welcome to the Flying Butterfly!

Have a plan with planting.
Break down your butterfly garden into 3 blockings.

Visualize your butterfly garden in 3 blockings for plant placement:

  • The Foundation, or Background. These are evergreens as well as larger trees and bushes. They provide:

    • A windbreak so butterflies feeding don't get blown away.
    • Tucked away foundation plants also provide hosts where butterfly caterpillars can safely achieve metamorphosis.
    • With all of the eating by caterpillars, leaves on hosts will be less noticeable in your garden or yard.

  • The Support, or Intermediate area. These are bushes, shrubs and larger, mounding perennial plants that:

    • Define the garden and it's borders.
    • Are flowering blooms that provide nectar sources for butterflies.
    • Host plants that also work in this area.

  • The Flair, or Foreground. These are annuals and perennials that:

    • Add eye-candy to your garden.
    • Play with colors that you like.
    • Bring butterflies in with how they see color.
      The wildlife gardening page helps to understand this. Also see butterfly anatomy page for more on how butterflies see.

This is the best time of year to plant evergreens, shrubs and climbers.

Happy Butterfly Gardening!

Elizabeth @ Easy Butterfly Garden

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