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Time to update and my original 'about me' page: 

It's been sometime since I was able to work on Easy Butterfly Garden and for those who have stopped by my website here and there for butterfly information over the years, it is for you I especially write this page.  If this is your first time visiting your priority is to learn all about butterflies and the flowers that attract them but I also appreciate you being here.

Mom passed a few years back.  I continued caring for Dad along with all the other everyday tasks.  Dad passed in the fall 2015.  Tying up lose ends at the end of the holiday season, in January 2016 I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, then staged the house for sale.

37 days, papers signed and, well... ROAD TRIP!  From Buckeye to Sun-bird.

Cloudy with some rain, the 4th of July was a good one here in SWFL.

Although relocating keeps anyone busy, I was watching the local news here in southwest Florida.  One story I found disturbing was thefts of butterfly pupa at local conservation's.  As with most everything there is also a dark side to butterflies - ughh. 

Upon hearing this I knew it was time to start popping my head up from the Florida sand and learn more about butterflies.  Also included in the theft were Monarch Butterfly Pupa.  Knowing that the Monarch butterfly migration started back north up into the U.S. and Canada when I saw the story, the theft really bothered me because survival of the butterfly species needs Milkweed to reproduce.  Sadly Milkweed is not as abundant as it once was.

Things will begin to unfold for me where I will have the time for my beloved website again.  As always - Thank you for stopping by. 


63 years of marriage. 
Rest peacefully Mom and Dad.

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